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Mr. Jos Alukka, the chairman of the Jewellery Group, Jos Alukkas & Sons, is the man who steered this group to success. Even amidst adversities, his single-minded focus and undeterred determination, helped carve a place for the group in the jewellery industry. Jos Alukka's father, Alukka Varghese entered the gold business in the year 1964. Jos, being the eldest son, took charge of the business and led the entire team to prosperity

At first, the Group opened showrooms in various cities of Kerala.Under the inspiring leadership of Mr. Jos Alukka, the Jos Alukkas Group opened 40 plus jewellery showrooms all over India. Their unique system of working, foresight and improved method of planning, popularised the brand and paved the way for opening Gold Super Markets. Jos Alukka was the pioneer of this concept in Kerala, and soon many jewellery groups adopted the concept.

Adherence to quality and purity made Alukkas Jewellery a household name in gold purchases. Every piece of jewellery at every Jos Alukkas showroom is carved out of pure gold in 22-carat.

Age has not downed the spirits of Mr. Jos Alukka, a man of many business interests and ideas. Jos Alukkas Properties is another project of pride headed by Mr. Alukka, and it has been successfully building dreams for many years now. Beyond business, Jos Alukka is passionate about sports too, and is also actively involved with the cultural and art scene of his hometown, Thrissur.

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We owe our success to the trust and loyalty our customers have placed on us. On behalf of Jos Alukkas & Sons, I extend my sincere gratitude to all of you who have inspired us with their wholehearted support and co-operation. As the Chairman of the group, I assure our valuable customers that all ornaments reaching our showrooms have passed through strict quality check. We, at our own manufacturing unit and laboratory, have a dedicated team of experts who are continuously striving to give you the highest quality.

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A man who had a mission, and accomplished it too, Varghese Alukka credits customers' satisfaction and support as the driving force behind the group's success. "We are truly indebted to you for your loyalty and faith in us. We promise to live up to your expectations and continue to work towards purity and quality." The number-cruncher of the group, Varghese believes "it is all about the power of the idea and the people around you who make you what you are". Spearheading the company's expansion plans, Varghese believes constant innovation is what helps the brand to meet people's expectations. Outside of business, Varghese relaxes by watching films and reading books. He rates John Grisham as his favourite writer and enjoys holidaying in Europe On behalf of Jos Alukkas Jewellery, I assure you of our dedicated service and request you to continue your valuable support.

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Surviving challenges and attaining success is what makes Paul Alukka an indispensable part of the Jos Alukkas group. Initiated into the business at the young age of 22, Paul today leads the group's gold and diamond divisions. Beyond the glitter lie new hurdles each day, and the most challenging has been to offer "value-for-money designs without compromising on quality". Stretching boundaries, trying new concepts, focusing on quality are the philosophies that guide Paul in his business
An absolute foodie, Paul also enjoys exploring places. South Africa is his favourite holiday spot and he would love to relax watching Sholay or his other favourite The Cast Away I am immensely grateful to our valuable customers for believing in us and inspiring us with their continued support. We, at Jos Alukkas, give an assurance to our customers that every piece of jewellery purchased from us will be pure and quality-checked.



Make your brand seen, heard and talked about. This, John Alukka believed, was the way to growth and success. He understood the need for a makeover, a new look and a fresh marketing strategy, strived towards it, taking the Jos Alukkas brand to a global platform. Brand building is his energy-booster, and John is always enthusiastic about this. A James Bond fan, it's no surprise that John shares a passion for driving and sports cars. Thriller books excite him and he enjoys travelling too. I am obliged to our customers for contributing in a big way to our resounding success. I would like to assure our customers that Jos Alukkas Jewellery provides you with pure 916 BIS Hallmarked ornaments in the latest designs.


Jos Alukkas is a name to reckon in the jewellery industry. Designing jewellery in gold, diamond and platinum for over five decades, Jos Alukkas is the first ISO 9001:2000 certified jewellery group in the world showcasing BIS certified 916 hallmarked gold. The jewellery brand has become a trusted name in quality, innovative, trendy jewellery, with 40-plus showrooms and an online store too. We are committed to the quality and purity of the jewellery we craft.

Josalukkas group is now headed by Sri.A.V.Jose.His three sons,Sri.Varghese Alukka,Sri.Paul.j.Alukka and Sri.John Alukka are the managing Directors. They revolutionised the market with the innovative concept of the Gold supermarket.